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What do Italy and China have in common? Not less than the beautiful greeting. «Ciao» in Italian, «Xin Chao» in Chinese. CIAO CHAO combines Italian and Asian menues and celebrates food, togetherness and muse for well deserved breaks in the day.

CIAO CHAO is a restaurant, a bar, a place to dance and a place to experience Art & Culture. We host different events and performances in a location that was turned into a piece of art itself.

SO—DO 11:30–22:00
FR/SA  11:30–01:00

Tel: +41 81 852 36 34

Ciao Chao
Chaunt da San Bastiaun 1
7503 Samedan

Ciao Chao Culture

There’s always something going on at Ciao Chao, whether it’s parties, performance, art or special events. Feel free to follow our social media and stay up to date!

Mittags Special im Ciao Chao zu jedem Hauptgang ein kleiner Salat, ein Getränk oder ein Kaffee gratis


Upcoming Events

12. Januar 2023 – LATIN PARTY 2023 ab 20:00 Uhr 

24. Januar 2023 – Dog and the Feet live (im Duo) ab 21:30 Uhr

Upcoming Events

23. Februar 2023 – TANZNACHT ab 20:00 Uhr mit gratis Tanzworkshop